The Rotary Club of Fresno Club Structure for 2023-2024 – Club Structure Photo

President Mike Falge
President-Elect Valerie Vuicich
Vice President/ Past President Blair Looney
Secretary Paula Castadio
Treasurer Richard E. “Dick” Herrinton
Club Service Directors:  John Richers & Darrick Duerksen COMMITTEE CHAIR/ CO-CHAIRS
         Zoom IT Ryan Jacobsen
         Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance Don Eskes & Bill Lucido
         Guest & Visiting Rotarian Introductions & Birthdays John Baerg & Christy Nottingham
         Luncheon & House Dick Herrinton
         Photography Steve Forker & Tom Licouris
        Programs John Richers & John Coakley
        Raffle Michelle Glass & Dave Kuszmar
        Recognition Maureen Lewis
        Sergeants-At-Arms Derrick Duerksen & Dave Kuszmar
       Sign in table – Members & Guests Patty White & Jerry Lyles
Membership Development, Engagement Dennis Claborn & Gary Quisenberry
New Member Orientation Jason Hannold
Newsletter Cherie Arambel
Rotary After Hours (Fellowship/Social Events) Sue Castro & Jeffie Hickman
Mentoring New Members & New COGS Todd Sheller & Bud Dickerson
Rotary Retention & Sunshine Gary Griesser & Dick Herrinton
COGS Bud Dickerson & Richard Verducci
Public Relations / Social Media Michelle Williams & Jason Hannold
Foundations (RCFF & RI) Dick Herrinton
Golf Day and Dinner Maureen Lewis
5,000th Meeting Blair Sobba
Community Service Directors:  Nik Redmond & Courtney Shapiro COMMITTEE CHAIR/ CO-CHAIRS
Amphitheater Paul Duckworth
Blood Drive John Richers
Salvation Army – Ringing the Bell John Richers
Community Projects Dave Allumbaugh & Steve Royster
Rotarians In Action (Volunteer Activites) Mona Cummings & Coreen Campos
Environmental Health (Integrated Solar Cooking/WAPI/Murals Isabel Good, Kathy Wage, & Vi Chuck
International Service Directors: Sheila Frowsing & Diane Carbray COMMITTEE CHAIR/ CO-CHAIRS
International Projects Ann Abajian
Project Nino David Hodge & Shirley Grace
Vocational Service Directors: Christy Nottingham & Rick Wolf COMMITTEE CHAIR/ CO-CHAIRS
Awards: Courageous Citizen & District Attorney Award Lisa Smittcamp
Awards: Public Safety Heroes Awards Gordie Webster & Dale Mendoza
BIZ DAY Blair Sobba
Interact – Patino High School (Job shadowing) Kevin Lisitsin & Claude Laval
Interact – Duncan Poly Technical High School (Job shadowing)
Interact – University High School (Job shadowing) Christy Nottingham
Youth Service Directors: Sue Castro & Wilma Hashimoto COMMITTEE CHAIR/ CO-CHAIRS
Camp Royal Ann Abajian
Elementary School – Kepler Deryl Shilling
Elementary School- Martin Luther King William Lucido
Scholarships Valerie Vuicich
Youth Exchange Susan Anderson
Executive Director Jason Hannold